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A stronger democracy is a worthwhile investment

With the GOP attacking voting rights and fair elections, giving to Democratic candidates and civic organizations that can help build a more inclusive democracy is more important than ever. But most Democratic donations don’t go where and when they’re needed most. Political contributions are often too focused on buzzworthy races and made too close to Election Day, leaving many promising candidates and essential civic organizations under-resourced for much of the year. To maximize the impact of each dollar donated, you need a trusted source for pro-democracy strategies—and a simple way to support them.

three people holding signs
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people posing with a Arizona Center for Empowerment sign, and a cactus sign
From left to right, members of New Georgia Project, Leaders Igniting Transformation (based in Wisconsin), and Arizona Center for Empowerment. Blueprint donors have supported all three organizations—and dozens more—to help drive civic participation and strengthen our democracy from the ground up.

We created Blueprint so you can invest year-round in key electoral victories along with the future of our democracy. When you donate through Blueprint, your contribution supports Democratic candidates running in competitive races up and down the ballot, plus impactful organizations working to engage and protect voters in swing states. Each target is carefully selected by Swing Left’s team of political experts based on funding need and level of impact: Over the 2020 cycle, 83% of dollars raised for candidates through Blueprint went to races decided by single-digit margins, and more than half of all candidate contributions were directed to state-level races, which have been historically underfunded on the Left. In 2021, Blueprint contributions helped reelect three Virginia Democrats, with 88% of those funds going to races decided by single-digit margins. To date, Blueprint has made grants to over 50 civic organizations serving millions of voters across the country.

disbursed to Democrats in state races
disbursed to Democrats in federal races
disbursed to civic organizations in key states

Last updated September 2022

Who we are

Blueprint is brought to you by Swing Left, a national grassroots organization empowering donors and volunteers to shift the balance of political power and protect our democracy. Our platform is run by a dedicated team of political strategists, fundraisers, and technologists. We use our shared expertise—along with input from peers—to provide quarterly giving recommendations that help you give with confidence and ease.

We're proud to offer Blueprint's political giving services and expertise at no cost to our users. To support our work, please make a donation to Swing Left.

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