Why Blueprint?

Making an impact should be easy to do

Our democracy is being tested. Blueprint helps you invest in making it stronger, effortlessly.

Animation showing allocations changing over time.

Strike the right balance

Stop wondering how much you should give to federal races vs. state races vs. civic organizations. We recommend a new mix of races and organizations every quarter so you’re supporting short-term and long-term progress each time you donate.

Animation showing priorities on a set of axes.

Give with confidence

No more questioning if your donation made a difference. Our ROI model targets races and organizations where each dollar you invest stands to drive change on the ground, from closing gaps in close races to increasing voter registration and turnout.

Animation showing example state targets: AZ, WI, NC.

Impact multiple swing states

Don't spend all of your time researching where to give. We help you invest easily in the battleground states where people will vote in the key races, up and down the ballot, that will shape the future of our country—and democracy.