How Blueprint Works

A portfolio of races and organizations, built for you

Tell us your priorities, and get personalized Blueprint recommendations every quarter.

Overlapping circles combining to illustrate Blueprint allocations.

We identify the races and organizations to target

Leave the work to us, and we’ll help you give effectively by:

  • Finding paths for Democratic victories in the states and Congress
  • Targeting competitive races where GOP- or Democrat-held seats are vulnerable
  • Vetting organizations involved with voter outreach and fair elections work
Animation showing changes of allocation distributions by quarter--broken out into three unlabeled categories.

We put those targets into a Blueprint built for you

Each Blueprint is optimized for maximum impact, so you can expect:

  • A personalized portfolio of recommended races and organizations
  • Cost-effective investments that support official Democratic nominees, never candidates in Democratic primaries
  • Timely distribution of your contribution so candidates and organizations can hit the ground running
Animation of calendar pages changing.

You give, once a quarter, throughout the year

Invest in transformative races and organizations in a new way:

  • Use the quarterly Blueprint updates to give to different candidates and organizations at key points in the cycle
  • Track your impact with periodic reports that highlight what your funds have helped accomplish
  • Give as much as you want, and 100% of your contribution (after ActBlue’s processing fees) goes to your targets