How Blueprint Works

A trusted political giving tool that's free to use

Blueprint combines best-in-class political strategy with an innovative portfolio-style approach to help you make the most of your contributions, all year long.

Overlapping circles combining to illustrate Blueprint allocations.

We identify high-impact races and organizations to fund

Save some time; we’ll help you give effectively by:

  • Finding paths for Democratic victories in the states and Congress
  • Targeting winnable races where GOP- or Democrat-held seats are vulnerable
  • Vetting organizations that lead voter outreach and fair elections work
Animation showing changes of allocation distributions by quarter--broken out into three unlabeled categories.

We put those targets into a Blueprint built for you

Each Blueprint is designed to make a difference, so you can expect:

  • Cost-effective investments that support official Democratic nominees, not candidates in contested primaries
  • Overlapping state and federal priorities to multiply the impact of your contribution
  • Timely recommendations so candidates and organizations receive funding when they need it most
Animation of calendar pages changing.

You invest in up-to-date priorities each quarter

Support inspiring candidates and organizations in a new way:

  • Follow along with Blueprint's quarterly updates to help move resources throughout the cycle
  • Know that your entire investment goes to the recommended candidates and organizations; we don't take a cut
  • Track your impact with periodic reports that highlight what your donations have helped accomplish